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Reunions are so sweet. May 11, 2009

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After the ribbon cutting, our family drove to Nashville to spend Saturday afternoon with Eric’s family.  This was a VERY special occasion.  Eric’s aunt, K. E., turned 70 and we went to celebrate with her.  She lives in Daytona and we don’t get to see her very often.

sp'09 041

She is a very strong lady, one filled with a quiet grace and beauty.  I am so thankful to be around her. She was entertaining Lucy bug for a good part of the day.

Two of her sons, who live in Washington, flew to Nashville and we were able to see them too! It had been years since we had visited with them.  Eric and his brother have spoken so highly of them and I was thankful to be able to have an extended visit with them.

sp'09 033

Eric, cousins Richard and Tom, and Brother Kurt

The cousins came prepared: They had Nerf Guns, bubble guns, and a remote controlled helicopter.  Not only did the guys provide the toys, they played with the kids too.

sp'09 047

Richard is helping Emma get the other team.

I was able to get a picture with the boys and their moms, plus their Aunt Carla.

sp'09 037 

What a wonderful visit we had with such special people.  I am waiting on a group shot to post when I get it! Looking forward to another reunion 🙂


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