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Ribbon cutting May 11, 2009

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We have had such a wonderful weekend.  One of the highlights was attending the ribbon cutting for the new campus of our church, Westminster Presbyterian Church,  and our school, Westminster Christian Academy. In the past year, the old property was sold and the new building was completed- an incredible amount of work for such a small amount of time.  So we celebrated this past Saturday with remarks from our headmaster and other special guests, including Mayor Tommy Battle and Congressman Parker Griffith.  One fun thing for our family was that Eric was able to participate in the ribbon cutting. 

sp'09 031

With a little trepidation, I took all the kids to the event.  I was hoping I could keep them occupied until the remarks were over so that I could take the tour of the building afterward.  I was worried that if Cord heard Eric speaking he would call out DADDY!  We made it through the invocation- somehow Cord was busy looking at some other child and failed to hear his daddy’s voice.  We made it through Eric’s remarks- Cord discovered a Little Mermaid phone and open and closed it over and over.  The music must have covered over Eric’s voice again. (don’t know if our neighbors were so happy 😦  )  Then the ribbon cutting happened and Cord saw Daddy.  He started repeating his name and I knew soon it would be a loud call.  Thankfully the event ended with a song and I was able to join Eric with the little ones. 

We will begin worshiping there this next Sunday! How exciting!  Praise to the Lord for all of His provisions!


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