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Garage Sales May 19, 2009

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Last weekend we had a garage sale and were able to get rid of some baby equipment and other stuff that has been building up in the garage.

I had some big helpers- and I mean help in the nicest way possible!

endofyear 001

This little helper tagged himself with a $20 price tag.

endofyear 002

There were a lot of offers to take him, but when we mentioned that he came with a 5:00 am wake up, no one wanted him!

endofyear 003

Olivia was making sure the toys went 2 for $.25

endofyear 004

Emma was usually flagging down customers, but in this picture is helping me pack it all up at the end of the sale.

All proceeds will go to a lawn mower with a bag- something the Zellners have never owned!


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