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Lucybug is 1 June 3, 2009

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We celebrated Lucy’s first birthday yesterday.  Ladybugs were our theme-

lucy09 009lucy09 013

We ate a yummy cake from one of my favorite bakeries in Birmingham- Louise’s.

Lucy was a little shy about her smash cake at first, but after lots of help from our family she ended up getting the hang of it and LOVING the icing.

lucy09 034lucy09 042

We were blessed to have ALL of Lucy’s grandparents and her greatgrandparents with us.  What a wonderful memory! 

 My grandmother Babe is a well known BINGO player 🙂 We played party BINGO with the kids and my niece Anna.  The cards had pictures of things that would be at a party.  It was a fun game and easy for all the children, even Cord!

lucy09 015

Babe told me she is better with numbers than pictures.

lucy09 007 Livy with great granddaddy little Popo

lucy09 008 Emma with granddaddy C Dub.

lucy09 010 My niece Anna with granddaddy Big Popo

 Dot Dot and Grammy were busy helping with all the children.  What a wonderful thing to have so much help- the kids were busy, the kitchen was cleaned up, the food was back in the refrigerator, the high chair was cleaned up.  I told them they were ALL welcome to stay, but everyone left after dinner 😦  It was a perfect day.

lucy09 019 Dot Dot and Cord.  Dot Dot kept with the theme and wore ladybug pants! too cute.

lucy09 051 C dub and the birthday girl.

Happy Birthday Little Lucy.  We are so thankful for you- what amazing surprises God has for us.


5 Responses to “Lucybug is 1”

  1. Mary Foster Says:

    Leave it to Dot-Dot to follow thru with the theme. Lucy’s cake is so precious. Thanks for having Babe and Po-Po. I appreciate Big Po-Po (my sweet brother) bringing them along. They were gushing with excitement last night telling me ALL about it. Love to all the Zellners!

  2. Renee Says:

    Such a cute cake! Happy Birthday Lucy!

  3. Becky Says:

    Can NOT believe Lucy is one!
    Emma is gorgeous – Livy is so adorable and so grown looking. That cake was amazing and I could just kiss all over little Cord. What a joy your life is to watch.
    Love you,

  4. It was such an incredible blessing for us to be with everyone. The Graingers are always so-o fun to be around. First outing for Wayne in 5 months. Grand kids are the best gift God ever invented.

  5. zellner Says:

    I would say grandparents are the best gift God ever invented! It was sooo good that you were all here:)

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