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lucy update June 4, 2009

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As some of you know, we have had some things that we have been worried about concerning Lucy. She has been on medicine to help her go to the bathroom for 6 months (thanks to a visit to a pediatric gastro doctor). She has refused to drink any significant amount of liquid over the past month (ever since she stopped nursing). She has not gained significant weight over the past 6 months; she actually weighs the same as she did at her 6 month visit. We have been going to doctor appointments every few weeks to do weight checks. 

Today was her year visit. Thankfully she had gained about 6 ounces since our last visit,but she is still in the 3rd percentile for her age- THIRD! Do you know how weird that is for a Zellner baby?  According to her measurements today, she also shrunk an inch.  Since this is not the case, it means that the nurse continues to meausre her incorrectly. We have had numerous incorrect measurements over the past year.  We realize while we are there and then she is remeasured and it is a different number.  How frustrating! I feel like they are making decisions about Lucy’s health based on how well she is growing or not growing and if the measurements are incorrect,it seems like it would be difficult to make good decisions for her.  Her iron was low today too- so we are adding a dropper full of medicine to her routine every day to raise that.

She is standing up while holding on to something, eating lots, sleeping well.  I never worry about her when I am with her or feel like I see something wrong, but I don’t like how the facts look when all of them are grouped together.  Somehow my doctor continues to say that he is “OK with how this is progressing.” I have debated every visit whether I should move her to a different practice or not. I have a follow up with her pediatric gastro doctor in a week and plan on asking him LOTS of questions. 

In the mean time,please pray for her that she will continue to develop and be willing to drink, that she will eat lots of calories and not regress when we have to force medicine down her, that she will be motivated to crawl and stand, and that we will have wisdom to know what to pursue for her. I know that 4th babies can have very little motivation to do much when they have so many “helpers” in their lives, so I am hoping to provide her more time to practice with the helpers outside.  Any ideas, encouragement, prayers are much appreciated!


6 Responses to “lucy update”

  1. Lauren Says:

    My poor Lulu! I think it’s time to change pediatricians 😦

  2. Susan Bice Says:

    Try popsicles to increase her fluids…you’ll have to be the mother bird and feed her little pieces and have a little patience but it should be a fun experience for her (my sister-in-law) had to do this.

    Hannah had to take iron as a baby, also. Put a bib or towel on her while she is taking it or you are going to permanently ruin her adorable clothes.

  3. Mary Foster Says:

    We are praying for Lucy and you. I’ll call you later. Love you.

  4. Becky Says:

    I didn’t know any of this. Will be praying.
    (If you aren’t confident about that pediatrician go elsewhere! If I know anything, it is that you HAVE to be able to trust the doctor.)

    Love you,

  5. Sallye Says:

    Could be time for a second opinion.
    You are in my thoughts and prayers,
    Love you

  6. We are praying and so thankful to hear of the 2 oz. of milk taken the 10Th.

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