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Backyard fun June 11, 2009

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summer09 007  Lucy loved playing soccer with Emma.  She laughed and laughed as they passed the ball back and forth.

summer09 016 Cord wants the girls to chase him all the time!  Olivia was the willing runner tonight.  He laughed and laughed as she chased him.

summer09 014 

Livy got her hair cut today too.  A summer ‘do.  She LOVES it!  She started by telling me she wanted to have her haircut to look just like Holley (my cousin’s wife). 

sp'09 043 Here is Holley at her rehearsal for their wedding.  Olivia ended up going a little shorter than that even.

It made such a difference tonight getting ready for bed- less hair to wash and dry!  I love summer.


One Response to “Backyard fun”

  1. Sallye Says:

    Love the haircut!!

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