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Local journalists June 22, 2009

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Olivia, Emma and I have been reading one of the American Girls’ series Meet Kit.  I have told them that if they would like to have one of the dolls that they have asked for, then they have to read the stories first.  We tried to start a series at the beginning of the year, but they just weren’t that into it.  So we are starting again- this time with Kit.  

 I am reading a chapter to them a day and hoping that the craft that we are doing will encourage them to want to know more about the story, the characters, and the time period.  Today we made our own newspaper like Kit does.  The girls took turns typing in a Word document what we did today and then we added some clip art.  Nothing fancy- but hey, there were some computer skills being used!

They printed it out and showed it to their daddy, just like Kit does in the story.  I would say their interest level was about mediocre for the project- not begging to do it again tomorrow, but mentioning it every once in a while the rest of the day.  Of course, my desire is that they will think this is the best thing that they have ever done and they will want to make it bigger and better tomorrow and read all about what Kit does too.  Maybe I should lower my expectations 🙂  Below is a copy of the newspaper.  We probably need to work on adding enough detail so that our reader can understand what has occured.  We went to some outdoor fountains today and there were games nearby that you could put money in and win prizes.



June 22, 2009

Today we went to the fountains.  We played in the water with our cups.  The cup went  up on the water. 


There were games by the water.  The game’s voice said,” No chance what you’ll win.”

So  I shook the handle really hard, but nothing came out.

Cord played a game too.  Cord put his face down and the water came up.  We laughed.

It was a hullabaloo.



 **To order your own copy, just call us 🙂


4 Responses to “Local journalists”

  1. Amanda Says:

    “It was a hullabaloo!”

    That is SO great, Susan! I’m laughing, but also admiring your creativity. Super Mom! That’s great that you’re having them read the books and relate to the characters through activities.

    Rebecca and I used to make a newspaper. It went bust after maybe one or two issues, and then on to the next diversion. Don’t worry. You’re starting them super early. I didn’t read the American Girls books until I was 9, and unfortunately they won’t be able to buy the Samantha doll since she went into the vault.

    I certainly recommend Felicity, though. She was my other favorite.

  2. zellner Says:

    that is encouraging amanda. I think the paper might fold this week too! Maybe this is a little early for them. So far, no more mention of Kit or the newspaper today. so maybe in two years 🙂

  3. Mary Foster Says:

    I love the American Girl dolls and their stories. I think we may have several of the series plus some of the craft items still in the infamous closet downstairs. I’ll take a look for the craft items for you. Have you checked out their website. The girls use to have a subscription to the magazine as well. The newspaper is great. Tell them to keep it up, I enjoyed their storytelling.

  4. Second graders started to enjoy the American Girl stories after Christmas. Time concepts of long ago is a hard concept for them. Another great book is Grandma’s Attic but that too is hard for present day children to grasp but the stories are fun if explained along the way.

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