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Reasons to love 2 year old boys June 24, 2009

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They finally say,”Mommy I love you.”

You hand them something and they say,”Tank you mommy.”

They can’t tear their eyes away from the train at the Botanical Gardens.

They literally hop up and down showing you how much energy they have.

They copy their daddy’s humor.

They ask if the man next door is going to “CUT THE GRASS” every single day.

And when you rock them at nap time, they look you in the eyes and say, “Pway” which you slowly realize means “pray”.

that’s why I love my 2 year old boy.



3 Responses to “Reasons to love 2 year old boys”

  1. Sallye Says:

    Susan, you will continually be blessed by your little Cord. My blessings over the last 30 years are too numerous to count.
    Got to love those boys

  2. Ellise Adams Says:

    Plus Susan, they always love their mom – even when they are teenagers, even when they are in college, even when they are grown men – you will always be the first lady of their lives.

  3. Carlin Says:

    So sweet … melts my heart!

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