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bike parade and church picnic- happy 4th! July 5, 2009

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The kids helped me make the pretzel rod sparklers and were justly rewarded for their hard work!

summer09 002

On Friday afternoon, I decided to email the neighborhood and see if anyone wanted to join a bike parade on Saturday morning- and then I worried that I waited too late and it would only be the Zellner kids. Thankfully the Kennedys were available to come ( we have 4 and they have 4, so 8 kids is already a parade, right?)  Happily, other children showed up too!

summer09 021

A neighbor even made bell necklaces for the children.

summer09 012

We decorated wagons, Barbie jeeps, Dora bikes, and scooters.

summer09 008summer09 009summer09 019

I ended up meeting three new families- One is new to the neighborhood and the wife’s father was visiting from Turkey.  They came so that he could see what it looked like to celebrate the 4th of July in America….Yikes! That is pressure 🙂

Later that afternoon we headed to a church picnic.  We go every year to Jim and Juanita Service’s house.  They host our whole church.  The adults grill out and talk, while the children play all over.  We are so thankful for all the helpers in our life who keep up with the Zellner children!

summer09 035

This year we added sparklers, poppers and mini fireworks to the fun.  And Rich took children on 4 wheeler rides in the wagon.

summer09 038

Eric fueled his 4 wheeler desires by taking a couple of turns as well.

summer09 048 Cord thought he was cutting the grass while he sat with his daddy.

Happy 4th to everyone- How grateful I am to be living in this country!

summer09 036


3 Responses to “bike parade and church picnic- happy 4th!”

  1. Mary Foster Says:

    Way to go! You pulled off the parade and met new neighbors. Sounds like it was a a success. Cord looks like such a big boy. Actually, they are all growing up so quickly. Happy 4th! Love you all! Mary

  2. Dad Says:

    Did any of your kids eat a poor old guys burger when he wasn’t lookin’?
    Looks like the 4th was alot of fun.

  3. zellner Says:

    hahahahaha- no burgers were swiped by small children daddy- I think that is because Emma can have her own now 🙂 She didn’t even ask if we would share!

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