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The Power of God’s Word July 9, 2009

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In a sermon on Sunday night, our assistant pastor mentioned a quote from Dale Ralph Davis about the power of God’s Word- He said,” It has the power to afflict the comfortable and comfort the afflicted.”  What an amazing thing that the very same book can cause uncomfortableness, agitation, sorrow, painful revelation as it reveals the sin in our lives and the pride of our hearts and the degree to which we love ourselves and not our God- and then that same text can bring comfort, encouragement, peace, and freedom as it reveals God’s forgiveness and His Sovereignty over all of life.  The very same person needs both!  We need a kick out of our sins we’ve grown comfortable with and we need restoration that can only come from a perfect God who provides the perfect obedience we need and who takes the wrath that we deserve. 

This is why I love Sundays.  I could write post after post about what I get to hear and how that challenges me and gives me hope- whether it is our morning sermon series on Romans, our Sunday School class on Proverbs, or our evening worship, I am getting to know what God’s Word says and how that applies to all of life.  To hear some of the sermons or read the texts, click on our webpage


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