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Daddy’s burban July 10, 2009

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As you may know, Eric has a green suburban.  He loves it and much to his happiness, so do all the children.  They love to take rides in it and wash it ( you really can’t tell the difference!)  Well Cord is not great at pronouncing all of his words.  He usually drops a syllable or two.  And so he calls the green truck,”Daddy’s burban”  He talks about it all the time.  “There is Daddy’s burban.”  or “Where is Daddy’s burban?”  I am just warning you that if you hear that he REALLY is talking about Eric’s car!



3 Responses to “Daddy’s burban”

  1. Lisa P Says:

    I’d want a bourbon, too, if I had to drive that thing! I’m only kidding, of course. You know I had to say something, though! 🙂

  2. zellner Says:

    I am so glad that you did! I can’t decide what is worse- a burban or a bourbon 🙂

  3. Sarah B. Says:

    Put down the bottle, Eric!! 😉

    This totally cracked me up, Susan!

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