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The Fosters come to visit July 21, 2009

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While Eric was on his mission trip, I was being cared for- two of the many helpers in my life were my aunt Mary and my cousin Heather.  They came up on Friday night and we had a BLAST.  We met up at Bridge Street, shopped and ate out.  The weather was beautiful, so being outside was such a treat.  Heather (who is absolutely beautiful!) was shopping for back to school clothes.  The fun part was getting to play dress up with her. It reminded me of the movie that stars Tyra Banks where she is a Barbie doll that comes to life.  My girls LOVED it.  Heather bought them each a clip that they are wearing all the time now 🙂

summer09 081

They played in the fountains (and got in trouble for it).

summer09 083

 They played follow the leader- my aunt is actually a very creative leader in that game and had us all following her doing the craziest things.  We stayed up LATE (like good Grainger girls), watched a movie, had great talks.  The next day the girls went to art class.

summer09 092 

The rest of us walked around the lake.  We spent Saturday afternoon eating lunch with Heather’s college roommate and shopping at another mall.  Again my girls loved playing stylist to Heather and gave her far too many opinions I am sure!  My aunt surprised me with ponytail holders that I saw at the mall- how fun!

The only snag we had was when my aunt got her finger stuck underneath the seat of her car- ouch! After a dousing in Windex. she was free and we were all relieved!  The time flew and I felt so blessed to have family that loves like this~ thanks Fosters.


One Response to “The Fosters come to visit”

  1. Mary Foster Says:

    Susan, we had a great time as usual. It was fun playing “ketchup” with you. There never seems to be enough hours in the day. Thank you for letting us play. Your family is the sweetest and we are so blessed to be a small part of their lives. Love you!

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