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More help! July 27, 2009

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Well we have been SPOILED in this household!  This week while Eric was gone to California we had LOTS of fun visitors and they were all family!

This time I have pictures of my cousin Charlotte (who just celebrated her 1st wedding anniversary!) and my aunt Sallye and uncle Tommy.  The kids had a blast wrestling with Charlotte.  She played all kinds of games and I think she is paying for it now! She has to be bruised, sore and tired 🙂


Tom and Sallye met up with us and we took the kids back to Bridge Street.  That place is just beautiful on a summer night.  Sallye has a great camera and took a group shot for us.


There was an adult for every child 🙂  Then my aunt and uncle surprised everyone with a train ride! I thought Cord was going to flip out- He was so excited.  Tommy even rode with Cord- too cute!


The ride ended and Cord wanted to keep going.  Now that he knows that you can ride stuff at the mall I am in big trouble.

After the train ride, Tom and Sallye totally surprise them all again with a ride on the carousel.  They don’t know you can do that either 🙂


We ended all the fun at the Chocolate Crocodile.  whew!  I tried to get all of them to stay two more nights, but I guess they had to get back to their homes 🙂 Charlotte stayed overnight and helped me get to church the next day.   Again, we stayed up way too late visiting.

To top it all off, my in-laws took Cord again!  They are loving all over that little boy and helping keep me sane.  They have willingly taken a two year old for many nights in a row- a task few would want to try.  I am soooo blessed.


 The past two weeks have been a challenge because homes just function best when everyone is there; but there are times when the time away is necessary and really good.  I am so thankful that Eric had a chance to take the youth group to St Louis for his mission trip and be able to reconnect the next week with friends in California.  He will be strengthened, renewed and encouraged when he returns.

The most amazing thing from my two weeks has been experiencing the blessing of family. And I mean Big Family- extended family.   Can you count how many family members pulled around me and loved on us?  It is overwhelming.  That they would take time out of their equally busy lives and spend time with us is a ministry to our hearts and it created moments that I will not forget.  I guess there are seasons in life and some require more help than others, and I am hoping that one day there will be a time when we get to be there for them as they have been for us. 

sal095  I mean look how grateful Lucy is that you came! (Grammy, Popo, Marian, Dot Dot,  Cdub, Heather, Mary, Charlotte, Sallye, Tommy!)


4 Responses to “More help!”

  1. Lauren Says:

    you are extremely blessed, Susan 🙂 I don’t know anyone else whose families pull together like that. Y’all have the most amazing family and its sounds corny, but I want to be an amazing mom like you one day. You’ve done such a great job with all the kids; they’re definitely the most well behaved and amazing I’ve ever been around 🙂

  2. Renee Says:

    What a blessing and I know Eric was happy to have you and the family so well cared for!

  3. Mary Foster Says:

    These are fabulous pictures of everyone. Sallye’s other ones on facebook are also too cute. She should enter them in a contest for cutest kids.

  4. Meredith Says:

    I love you all so much it really is ridiculous.

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