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Tommy’s Pizza freebie August 27, 2009

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Our family joined the “Bridge Street Buddies”.  It is a free kids’ program at our outdoor mall here in Huntsville.  About once a month, they send you an email with an opportunity to do something at Bridge Street for free.  The activities are great, but they are limited so you have to move fast on the offer!  I have never been able to catch it before it runs out.

But I happened to get the last three tickets to tonight’s event- Pizza Making at Tommy’s Pizza.  I thought it would be fun for the kids, but I had no idea how great it would be.  The owner (I assume Tommy 🙂 ) set up a table and labeled a placemat with each child’s name.  He showed them how to work with the dough, spread the sauce, and sprinkle the cheese.  Then each child had a chance to make his or her own pizza.



While the pizzas cooked, we had free rides on the carousel that is across from the restaurant.

There was a bubble machine blowing the whole time which Lucy and Cord loved.  When we finished our rides, our pizza was ready and each child was called up to get his or her creation, plus a free juice box!

The owner was so friendly- he worked so easily with the children and included them all.  A friend mentioned that their Pre K went there for a field trip and had a great time- that sounds like a great idea!  They do birthday parties too!

I was able to get a few photos from my camera!


Helpful hint from Heloise August 24, 2009

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Monday is laundry day in the Zellner household.  Lots and lots of laundry 🙂  I have a great washer and dryer that came with our house- but it requires that laundry detergent that has the HE on it.  It is liquid form and I have to pour it in the cap.  It leaves a terrible mess in the cap and I don’t have a sink in my laundry room to clean it out.  The top of my washer is getting messy because of it too.

Today I was finally reading my Sunday paper and there was the answer to my laundry problem in the Hints from Heloise article. A reader suggested that after you put your laundry detergent in the washer, you should drop the cap in with the laundry.  When the wash is done, the laundry is clean and your cap it too.  I did it all day and was so happy after each wash- No more messy caps for me. Thanks dear reader 🙂


broken computer August 19, 2009

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I am so very sad.  My computer screen went out on my computer.  This is my second Dell to have screen problems.  We are trying to figure out how to fix it, but until then I am only checking my emails on Eric’s computer.  So many fun pictures to post and they are all on the broken computer- Lucy is now mullet-free because she had her first hair cut Saturday.  Cord and Lucy started “school” today.  They both went to Mother’s Morning Out today and had their pictures made on the front porch just like the big girls did.  They LOVED it.  Both went right in to their class and played until I returned.  

I worked on organizing myself this morning.  With all the new teachers and classes, I can’t remember anyone’s schedule and I needed a way to make sure I am sending the right things with the right kids.

I broke out the label maker today! All my folders are made for the school year- It looks exciting: Olivia’s 2nd grade folder, Emma’s Kindergarten folder, Cord and Lucy’s Mother’s Morning Out folder, Dance class folder, Youth group’s Reformation Carnival folder, Youth group’s fellowships during the fall folder, Women in the Church (WIC) Program and Retreat folder, and Room mom information folder.   I think I went a little crazy with the label maker, but I know I will forget something if I don’t have a folder 🙂  I love looking at what is coming and know that it will happen so quickly.  Before I know it, it will be Christmas and I will be stressing about getting all 4 kids to smile in a picture 🙂

Blessings for your new school year. Hope you are making lots of wonderful memories!


Uniforms August 14, 2009

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This year, our school has “optional” uniforms.  Our family decided to wear them on Wednesdays, since that is chapel day and the girls need to wear dresses that day anyway.

school09 022

I love them.



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school09 019

Lucy is standing on her own and about to walk to me. Ignore all the stuff on the floor- I was busy teaching a one year old how to walk, right?! 🙂


Lucy Update August 12, 2009

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Things have been going so well for Lucy.  She has been eating and drinking so well.  She is gaining weight and growing.  And today she took steps all by herself!  I was so excited.  She stood alone and then stepped three times.  Then I would set her back up and she would go some more steps.  Her biggest accomplishment was 5 steps in a row. 


I am so thankful for the answered prayers and her good progress.  I am actually looking forward to our 15 month visit in September.


first day of school 09-10 August 10, 2009

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WCA is back in school and the girls were so excited to get up and go today.  I took my traditional photos outside the house:

school09 002

The girls first thing this morning.

 school09 012

Olivia is in 2nd grade! I completely remember 2nd grade.  I can’t believe that she is old enough to be making those kinds of memories.

school09 005

And look how happy Emma is to be starting kindergarten.  No tears with Emma today- One of the great blessings of being child #2.  She thinks school is familiar and wonderful and very big kid.

school09 013

Right outside the classroom before she walked in with some of the other girls in her class…I love this age!

school09 014

Waiting to go into her classroom.  I think this is going to be a great year.  Many thanks to the sweet teachers who will be taking care of our girls this year.  We are so thankful for their time, testimony, and teaching.