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Lucy Update August 12, 2009

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Things have been going so well for Lucy.  She has been eating and drinking so well.  She is gaining weight and growing.  And today she took steps all by herself!  I was so excited.  She stood alone and then stepped three times.  Then I would set her back up and she would go some more steps.  Her biggest accomplishment was 5 steps in a row. 


I am so thankful for the answered prayers and her good progress.  I am actually looking forward to our 15 month visit in September.


5 Responses to “Lucy Update”

  1. Mary Foster Says:

    Yeah for Lucy Bug. Maybe she decided to let go because there was no fear of being run over by her big sisters since they were at school. I can’t wait to see how she has progressed. I was looking at a picture from Brent and Holley’s wedding and recent pictures of Lucy. Oh what a change in a few months! Tell Lucy we are all so proud of her.

  2. zellner Says:

    will do! Miss you and would love to talk soon 🙂

  3. Dad Says:

    The next visit to the park Lucy can walk on the swinging bridge by herself. She is doing soooo well.

  4. What a thrill to see their first day excitement. I’m having a bit of a hard time this week missing seeing the smiling happy faces of a new class. So excited Lucy is walking. She will triple time keeping up with brother.

  5. Sallye Says:

    So proud of Lucy!
    Love you all!

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