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Tommy’s Pizza freebie August 27, 2009

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Our family joined the “Bridge Street Buddies”.  It is a free kids’ program at our outdoor mall here in Huntsville.  About once a month, they send you an email with an opportunity to do something at Bridge Street for free.  The activities are great, but they are limited so you have to move fast on the offer!  I have never been able to catch it before it runs out.

But I happened to get the last three tickets to tonight’s event- Pizza Making at Tommy’s Pizza.  I thought it would be fun for the kids, but I had no idea how great it would be.  The owner (I assume Tommy 🙂 ) set up a table and labeled a placemat with each child’s name.  He showed them how to work with the dough, spread the sauce, and sprinkle the cheese.  Then each child had a chance to make his or her own pizza.



While the pizzas cooked, we had free rides on the carousel that is across from the restaurant.

There was a bubble machine blowing the whole time which Lucy and Cord loved.  When we finished our rides, our pizza was ready and each child was called up to get his or her creation, plus a free juice box!

The owner was so friendly- he worked so easily with the children and included them all.  A friend mentioned that their Pre K went there for a field trip and had a great time- that sounds like a great idea!  They do birthday parties too!

I was able to get a few photos from my camera!


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  1. It is such a thrill to see and hear what exciting adventures you are having with your blessings. You are exposing them to so many wonderful things. What memories they will have of their childhood. We love you tons.

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