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Getaway September 29, 2009

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My college friends and I have a getaway every year.  Usually we go in February, but this year we ended up hanging out in September.  This year we went to Birmingham for our getaway.  We planned on staying at one of the girls home and going to Auburn for the football game.  We love Auburn and love Auburn football! We started Friday night with goodie bags from our hostess, Meredith, that had our tickets in them.  We headed to a great pizza shop in Mt Laurel called Area 41.  A friend from Auburn owns it and it was a fun blast from the past to see him and catch up on life.

The next morning it rained- A LOT.  We spent a long time trying to decide what to do.  We would have one or two girls who would want to go, then most would want to go, then someone would mention how hard it was raining and we would all change our minds again.  We charted the weather hourly online and finally said,”Let’s Go!”

fall 001

We are on our way-Lisa and Jennifer in the van.   Jennifer doesn’t even have a coat!

fall 002

It is pouring- Lisa and Amy look ready to brave the rain.  We are two miles into the trip and one of the girls changes her mind.  When she says out loud that she doesn’t want to go, three others pipe up.  We decide to eat lunch before we call off our trip.  At this point we are riding in a red van- away from Auburn on game day with 6 scholarship tickets.  What in the world is wrong with this picture?!

fall 003

A little lunch at Wing’s.

fall 004

My college roommate, Jennifer, and me at Wing’s.  She almost went by herself.  (She was Miss Auburn, so I guess we should expect that!)

fall 006

We ended up watching football all day back at Meredith’s house.  There might have been a little regret in all of us when we saw that it wasn’t raining terribly at the game and that the Auburn Tigers were so great!

The weekend was a blessing as always and I am so grateful for 12 years of getaways.  These ladies love their families well, make an impact in whatever group they are involved, laugh often, and challenge me.  Looking forward to ’10 already 🙂


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