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Cotton Candy! October 29, 2009

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Today, Eric and I rented the cotton candy machine for the festival our church is hosting this weekend.  We needed to pre-make all of it.  This afternoon, with Grammy here to help man the children, we started spinning cotton candy in our dining room 🙂

october09 026

Someone told Eric to wear long sleeves and gloves and I am so glad that they did.  He was covered in pink and blue sugar by the end of the day.  We are so thankful that a friend came to help when we called.  Anna brought her baby over and helped us for 2 hours.

october09 028

At 25 cents each, these are going to be going fast!

october09 030

I think I will head to the shower!


oh yeah- costumes! October 28, 2009

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In the midst of all the preparation for the Reformation Day Festival, I have put the kids’ costumes on the back burner.  Thankfully their Aunt Bethie has provided lots of wonderful, amazing costumes over the years and the girls are going to wear some from that pile.  Olivia is going to be Tinkerbell in one of the most authentic looking fairy costumes I have ever seen.  The shoes even light up!  Emma is going to be Dorothy, but I am still missing the ruby red slippers.  Cord and Lucy are going as thing one and thing two from Dr Suess’s Cat in the Hat.  I have the shirts (thanks to Aunt Bethie!), but I have been wondering what to do about that blue hair.  Yesterday I found two blue boas at Hancock Fabrics for $2 each.  I plan on wrapping them around a toboggan that we alreay have.  I hope it looks right.  If you have a better idea, let me know!


I am going as the Cat in the Hat.  I am still waiting on the hat and gloves to arrive.  I think when I look at that picture with the Cat juggling all that stuff and thing one and thing two making such a mess everywhere they go (even though it is a happy mess!), I can totally relate! Have a great weekend!



Reformation Day Festival October 23, 2009

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Our youth group asked if they could put on a Reformation Day Festival this year.  So on October 31st from 2-5 pm at our church we will be hosting a festival.  Free Games~ Crafts~ Candy~ Hayrides~ Inflatables and an original musical entitled “My Fair Luther”.  The kids have been working since the summer.  Senior High youth group served as team leaders for areas such as Games, Food, Publicity, and Tshirts. I have been AMAZED at what our teens and their families have accomplished.  They have made a big Goliath to be knocked out by a baseball, fruits of the spirit that have to be found, crafts that remind us that salvation is by faith alone in Christ alone.  I can’t wait to post pictures from the big day!

Here are some of the kids working hard:

october09 020october09 021We had 40 people working on the games Wednesday night- parents, teens, and children all working together.  Our church members donated candy, drinks, and little debbies (for the Happy 500th Birthday Bash Calvin Cake Walk) What a blessing!  I’ll post a complete list of the games after the big event! Hope you can come next weekend!!


Western day at MMO October 21, 2009

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Lucy and Cord had their first dress up day for school.  Their Mother’s Morning Out had Western Day.  We had plaid and jeans and horses for everyone!

october09 013 Lucy thought she was the biggest girl!

october09 016As the picture taking went on, Cord got more shy and Lucy got more excited!

october09 018I think Lucy was the only baby in the baby room to be dressed up and have a toy with her. She was kind of dangerous with that thing- so I think the horse had time out the rest of her morning there 🙂


Baby Gene Chizik, II

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Olivia got a new stuffed animal while we were at the beach.  Her Grammy had given her $5 to “buy a little something” while we were on Fall Break.  After MUCH discussion, she decided to buy a travel size Etch a Sketch and a small stuffed tiger.  I knew she would love the etch a sketch on the beach and in the car, but the surprise hit was the small tiger.  She decided to name it “Baby Gene Chizik, II” .  That’s right. Baby Gene Chizik the second.  She loved the name and said it over and over throughout the week.  When we got home, she wanted to write Coach Chizik and tell him what she had done and include a photo.

october09 001 So here is the photo and she has her hand written note to go with it.  She really is hoping Coach Chizik writes back! I so hope he does, for her sake.


End of the Race

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I have had no time, but wanted to post a picture from the race last Saturday.

october09 010 My friend and trainer, Bertha, ran beside me the whole way and has since July, when I asked her to be my helper and accountability!  She is a steadfast friend and a person of her word.  One thing long runs give you is time to talk, and it has been a blessing to have a friend like her to talk to.

october09 012

Here we are after the finish- in the rain and cold.  Thank you Bertha!

Next stop: the Boulevard Bolt 5 mile in Nashville on Thanksgiving morning!


last night of NOBO October 13, 2009

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Tonight is the last night that No Boundaries (NOBO) meets at Fleet Feet before our Big Race on Saturday morning.  Before I left for Fall Break, my running partner met me and ran the course with me.  She had run the race before and had prepared me that there were big hills.  I am thankful to say that she had me scared to death so that when the real hills showed up, I thought that they were smaller than I expected.  Tonight we complete our 3 mile run with the teams we are on and then we have a party at the store.  We get our fun jackets (pictures to come!)  and have food and drinks in the store. 

I have been so impressed with the program.  The leadership sends emails throughout the week and they really work to make sure that you have someone to train with if you want that.  They will do another NOBO program to help those who want to run the Cotton Row Run in the Spring.  I think that training begins in February.  I wish I didn’t desperately need to be back at home on Tuesday nights again, or I would love to volunteer coach for the next program.  That will have to be another season of life. 🙂

Much thanks to the husband who has been pulling the load on Tuesday nights so that I could reach one of my personal goals.  Love that man.