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Fall Break October 10, 2009

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fallbreak09 004The Huntsville Botanical Gardens had an opportunity for families to camp out in the gardens.  Olivia and Emma have been begging to go camping and we thought this would be a good introduction.  They used a tent and sleeping bags.  They definitely look like novice campers with their school backpacks and their pillows 🙂  They had a great time roasting marshmallows and hot dogs with their Daddy.  They took a hay ride and a nature walk. 





The next morning we headed to Birmingham for the Bluff Park Art Show.  I try to go every year.  I grew up in Bluff Park and it was an annual event in our home.  We would walk to the park and stroll through all the exhibits.  Times have changed! We took all 4 kids and basically saw the playground 🙂 

fallbreak09 008








After spending the night in Birmingham, figuring out how to get into the beach condo since we left the key in Huntsville, and repacking all our stuff, we headed to the beach!

fallbreak09 016  fallbreak09 014 

The weather was better than we expected and the kids loved the beach and the pool~

fallbreak09 019

I won’t say it was all fun and roses.  There were six of us in a two bedroom condo, filled with two pack-n-plays, a stubborn two year old and a fussy one year old.  But we did have a great time outdoors.  ALL the kids love the beach which is a blessing in and of itself!  We did go out to eat one night too. 

fallbreak09 025

I am so thankful for a chance to play in the sun, for a sandbar that the kids played on all by themselves, for time away, for a good book to read while the children slept, for sweet parents and in-laws who share what they have with us.  Now time to get back to work!


One Response to “Fall Break”

  1. What a thrill to see the grandchildren and all their events from camping to beach pictures. In a few years you will look back on those busy but blessed years. Bailee yesterday looked at Luke’s refrigerator pictures and wished 3 yr. old brother was a baby again. He’s getting too heavy to carry around.
    We’d love to see you run Sat. What an incredible goal with 4 kids.

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