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last night of NOBO October 13, 2009

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Tonight is the last night that No Boundaries (NOBO) meets at Fleet Feet before our Big Race on Saturday morning.  Before I left for Fall Break, my running partner met me and ran the course with me.  She had run the race before and had prepared me that there were big hills.  I am thankful to say that she had me scared to death so that when the real hills showed up, I thought that they were smaller than I expected.  Tonight we complete our 3 mile run with the teams we are on and then we have a party at the store.  We get our fun jackets (pictures to come!)  and have food and drinks in the store. 

I have been so impressed with the program.  The leadership sends emails throughout the week and they really work to make sure that you have someone to train with if you want that.  They will do another NOBO program to help those who want to run the Cotton Row Run in the Spring.  I think that training begins in February.  I wish I didn’t desperately need to be back at home on Tuesday nights again, or I would love to volunteer coach for the next program.  That will have to be another season of life. 🙂

Much thanks to the husband who has been pulling the load on Tuesday nights so that I could reach one of my personal goals.  Love that man.


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