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Baby Gene Chizik, II October 21, 2009

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Olivia got a new stuffed animal while we were at the beach.  Her Grammy had given her $5 to “buy a little something” while we were on Fall Break.  After MUCH discussion, she decided to buy a travel size Etch a Sketch and a small stuffed tiger.  I knew she would love the etch a sketch on the beach and in the car, but the surprise hit was the small tiger.  She decided to name it “Baby Gene Chizik, II” .  That’s right. Baby Gene Chizik the second.  She loved the name and said it over and over throughout the week.  When we got home, she wanted to write Coach Chizik and tell him what she had done and include a photo.

october09 001 So here is the photo and she has her hand written note to go with it.  She really is hoping Coach Chizik writes back! I so hope he does, for her sake.


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