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how ’bout them apples November 4, 2009

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My sweet grandaddy turned 90 last week.  We celebrated with a 90th birthday party in Birmingham and had a great time seeing old photos and reading memories that everyone shared about him.  One of his favorite sayings is,”How ’bout them apples?”  He uses it like,”How about that!”  Like when you say,”Guess what. I’m getting married!”  He might say,”How ’bout them apples!”  Or I might say,”Guess what.  I’m having a baby!” He would say,”How ’bout them apples!”

So when we entered the party, sweet Popo was sitting in a chair looking so handsome, and Olivia walked over and handed him an apple.

october09 019

He was so sweet-He said,”Oh, I love apples. Thank you.”  Then Emma walked over…

october09 020

Oh, another apple~ thanks Emma.  Then Cord…

october09 021

I think he is starting to catch on.  So I give him a bag that says “How ’bout them apples!” that he can put all his “presents” in.  Then Lucy showed up with her apple.

october09 022

She didn’t catch on to the plan and she TOOK HERS BACK and walked off eating it!  

It was a great day celebrating a man that loves his family, his work, his fun, and his church.  90! How ’bout them apples!


One Response to “how ’bout them apples”

  1. Dad Says:

    Susan, he is a special man. He really enjoyed the party to see his old army buddies as well as his grandchildren and great grandchildren.

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