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it’s going too fast December 7, 2009

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I feel like our life is going in super speed right now.  We have the tree up and most of the house decorated, and I know I will blink and it will be time to take it all down.  There is so much left to do before Christmas: presents to buy, goodies to bake, parties to host, and my house to clean.  I cannot believe that it is already Dec 7th!

Eric’s birthday was Dec 4th and we celebrated by taking the kids to Santa’s Village. Actually, only Olivia and Cord.  Lucy stayed home with Grammy and Emma had a weekend away at Dot Dot’s house.  We hated that the other two missed it, but we had a great time- and it was so much easier with just 2!


It “snows” every 20 minutes, you get to see Santa, you decorate your own gingerbread man cookie, you make your own ornaments, and they have live reindeer!


We wrote letters to Santa and put them in the big red mailbox.  Cord loved the gingerbread man and Frosty that were walking around all night.  The night was so full that we didn’t get home until 8:00pm.  We rushed around putting babies to bed and then went to eat at Outback.  (Grammy was babysitting!)

The whole day went so fast.  Eric’s birthday is usually a marker for me that the season has started and I should be well into plans and present buying.  A dear friend went with me on Thanksgiving night and we stayed up ALL NIGHT.   I was so thankful to have her with me.  We laughed and visited and reminded ourselves that we are always wishing for lots of uninterrupted time to visit 🙂 So the hours in line at Toys R Us and Target were like we were hanging out over coffee (except it was a lot colder!)

I did get all the children’s gifts bought that night and saved half.  I am afraid that is all I have done and now it is getting closer and closer to when I need to give teacher presents of all kinds: School, Sunday School, dance, mother’s morning out, friends, etc. 

Oh that the hours would multiply and that I will have some good ideas soon!


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