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this is what today is like… December 15, 2009

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We were invited to a wonderful playdate. In my mind, I thought,”I feel terrible. I haven’t done nearly the playdates with Cord and Lucy that I have done in the past with Emma and Olivia.”  It all came back to me today why I haven’t.  Our sweet hostess invited about 6 moms and their children to come over to play and decorate sugar cookies.  She is a fantastic cook and her icing was a beautiful red or green or yellow.  Cord went right to it.  He glopped on all kinds of good icing and sprinkles on his cookies.  As soon as he thought there was enough, he picked it up and took a huge bite.  Turns out she was planning on the cookies drying while the kids played. oops! He got icing on her chair and all over himself.  Baby wipes to the rescue…

Next stop, the older kids head upstairs.  So Cord is upstairs while Lucy is downstairs with me.  I spend the next hour wiping up her milk that is spilling from her sippy cup, cleaning up the crumbs that she drops as she snacks, retrieving her paci from all over the place, and refereeing while she takes toys from other kids.  While my attention is on that little busy body, there is a call from upstairs,”Mom, Cord took a toy away from Lindsey and flushed it down the toilet!”  Oh My Goodness!

I ran upstairs and there was Cord- behind the bathroom door with his head down.  After a little discipline and a lot of sorry to go around, he stayed the rest of the time downstairs with me.  WHEW.  I told the mom to send me the bill if her toilet clogs up.

Later today, Olivia and Emma had dance. Olivia finished her homework, all 4 kids had their baths, and Emma lost her fourth tooth.

I won’t even tell you about the accident that Cord had in the bathroom…I’m ready for tomorrow 🙂


2 Responses to “this is what today is like…”

  1. Mary Says:

    So…play dates are just a fabricated idea. Glad those weren’t around when my girls were little! Just think of all the great stories ya’ll will have to share when your children get married! Looking forward to seeing all of you. Love! Mary (Nan-Nan)

  2. God gives us boys to keep us humble. You can imagine how I’m loving this story. Play dates are for moms with their first child so that child can learn to share. The stress is never worth it. They will learn all that stuff later.

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