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It begins! December 21, 2009

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We began our Christmas kickoff today with my Dad and Marian coming to visit.  They came in time to meet Olivia and Emma at school to eat lunch with them.  It was a great surprise.  They spent the afternoon reading to the little ones and visiting until we could all be together to open presents.  What a hit that was!

The girls got new scooters! They loved them.  As soon as we would let them, they took off outside to ride.

Cord and Lucy got new luggage~ for all those wonderful trips to grandparents’ houses 🙂  One of the most special gifts was The Night Before Christmas book that my Dad gave the grandkids.  It has his voice reading it to them.  Tonight when we went to bed, the kids picked that story to have read to them and Olivia cried because she missed Popo already.

We played outside for awhile- including some fun time in the back of Eric’s Suburban.  It’s like a playpen really.


Popo and Marian took us to Red Robin for dinner.  Now normally we don’t attempt such craziness with these babies, but tonight was special and it turned out better than I thought.


Look at that JOY! Thank you for a wonderful day and for so many thoughtful gifts.  I loved getting to see my children read with my dad, talk to him and snuggle with him.  Isn’t that what a grandaddy is all about? 🙂  Merry Christmas Popo and Marian!


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