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Christmas Eve in Huntsville December 28, 2009

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I love getting to be in Huntsville on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.  We had an awesome church service at 4:00 on Christmas Eve.  We were fortunate to be able to use Providence Baptist for our worship service.  I have always loved that church.  It is traditional inside with exposed wood beams. It always feels so cozy.  The weather was terrible at the time of the service. Winds were whipping everywhere and it was cold!  This night I was overwhelmed by the warmth of the service.  Outside may be filled with chaos, struggle, and stress, but inside God’s care is filled with peace, confidence, and order.  Our pastor highlighted that Christ came as the great Reconciler.  He came to make peace.  Aren’t the holidays the time that we think about relationships and all the history that is involved with each one?  Christ’s coming makes it possible to make peace in our relationships- with God and with others.  AND it makes it NECESSARY to make peace.  We cannot claim Christ’s peace for ourselves and not give it to others in our life.  We cannot take the forgiveness he offers and not offer it to those in our life.  It is humbling to realize the position that we are in- unable to save ourselves~ And if we take the FREE gift of God’s forgiveness, it also requires that we live the life he has called us to~ forgiving others.  I am so thankful for the help of the Holy Spirit that works to soften our hearts and helps us see our position so that we may cling to Christ!


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