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On to Dot Dot’s and Grandaddy’s December 28, 2009

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We left on Dec 22nd to go see Eric’s parents in Nashville.  They have a great house for us to play outside.  The girls brought their new scooters and stayed outside for two days. 🙂 Eric’s brother’s family came on Wednesday and we had a great time opening presents and playing.  My niece, Bailee, is 10 and my nephew, Luke, is about to turn 4.  Our kids absolutely love getting to see them. 


Our little Lucy has started kissing people and Dot Dot ended up being the lucky recipient this time.


Cord did not want to be left out of the hugs:

Cord got an awesome new train set.  He plays it every day in his room (and usually with his daddy).  Eric has been having a hard time remembering what time it is when they are playing.  Bedtime has been getting later and later because they are lost in some train game.

Lucy received a baby doll that came with a stroller and paci from her Aunt Leslie and Uncle Kurt.  She was really excited!

She popped that paci in her mouth and started hugging her baby.  Then she backed herself into the stroller and Luke came right up to stroll her around.  She loves to hug her baby and put her to bed.

Luke and Cord are about the same size, even though Luke is turning 4 in January and Cord is 2 1/2.  Luke is one of the funniest kids.  He is a big fan of Teddy Roosevelt and can belt out Jesus Loves Me in an opera voice.  Leslie always has the best stories about him.  This visit, he and Cord had been wanting a lot of the same toys and sometimes had a hard time being loving to one another 🙂  After a shoving match, Dot Dot asked them if they wanted to keep doing that or did they want to be kind to one another and say,”Hi cousin!”  Cord got excited and ran up to Luke and gave him a big shove and yelled,’Hi Cousin!”  They called each other cousin the rest of the night.

They are going to have so much fun over the years!  We had a great visit and, as always, were completely overwhelmed by the generosity of our families.  We are blessed~


One Response to “On to Dot Dot’s and Grandaddy’s”

  1. zellner Says:

    Thank you for the precious memories. Another sweet Christmas together of building relationships. So thankful to hear of the train buddies.

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