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the naughty list December 29, 2009

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We do Santa Claus with our children, but have worked very hard not to lie to them in the process.  If they ask is he real, I ask,”What do you think?”  Olivia has mentioned that she thought it was her parents because some kids at school thought that too.  I asked her again,”What do you think?” and she always ends up thinking that Santa is real. 

Emma wanted to know lots of things too, but the one that I love the most is,”Is the naughty list real?”  After a particularly long day of getting into trouble, Emma went to bed very sad.  When I came up to have our songs and prayers, she wanted to know if the naughty list was real.  I said if so, that we would all be on it.  We believe that we are all sinners in need of a Savior, so there are not good kids and bad kids (or good people and bad people). She was still pondering whether Santa would give her presents.  I once again reminded her that we receive gifts by grace, not because we deserve them.  I told her that I had definitely been naughty when I was a child and that Santa had always been gracious to me. 

Well the thought of grace turned up again when Emma left her note for Santa:


Her note says,”I love you.  Can you give grace? You give a lot of grace.  Ho Ho Ho Emma”

My heart could not wait to write her back.  Santa left a note that night that thanked them for the cookies and reminded them that they are loved and that the best gift, Jesus, is a free gift of grace.  All important gifts are!


2 Responses to “the naughty list”

  1. Mary Says:

    Love this story. What a great way to share Jesus’ birthday and the grace of God.

    BTW, I don’t remember if it was Olivia or Emma on Saturday night who said they were not sure if their presents were really from Santa because Mom had the same wrapping paper.

    So, now a Foster Family Fact. Because of this same statement many years ago. I bought cheap wrapping paper every Christmas and wrapped each of the girls’ presents in a different paper for three reasons.

    One, Carlin asked when she was a little thing where her presents were…Santa just left things under the tree just like he did for me when I was little. From that Christmas on, everything was wrapped.

    Two, then each girl knew which set of gifts was theirs because they wanted to know how I always knew.

    Three, cheap paper so you can destroy the evidence and they not find the paper in the infamous closet later on. It happens!

    And this is the first year I did not do that. Thanks for keeping me entertained!

  2. zellner Says:

    I wondered if they would notice the paper. I actually had bought separate paper when we were in nashville, but I got worried that they saw it when we packed the car. So I used some that I bought a long time ago. Darn! My sister in law and I always joke about whether you wrap Santa gifts or not. I made her do it early on when Bailee was little and now she has to! I love the wrapped presents!

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