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slides and silly bandz December 30, 2009

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Christmas morning was so fun.  The kids slept a little later than normal.  Emma woke up first and had to wait the longest.  She did great.  Lucy was up next and noticed her slide right away.


We had Christmas doughnuts that the girls picked out earlier and then took our group shot.  Then off to the stockings…

  New cups, bowls, toothbrushes, socks, apples, oranges, candy and SILLY BANDZ!

 Armfuls of silly bandz- Auburn, basic shapes, and farm animals!

Cord got a great set of Home Depot tools, but his favorite was his weedeater:


And little Lucy got a new bottle for her baby doll.  She sat herself right down and started feeding her baby.

This year Lucy was our hardest to keep up with.  She wasn’t interested in staying still very long and she wanted to go upstairs over and over.  Notice she had an outfit change during the morning.  She got herself all messy eating breakfast, so we had to change her during the opening of our presents.  It is encouraging to remember that Cord was that crazy last year and this year he was so much easier! Last year Cord fell down the stairs while we were opening presents and got a black eye. 

This year the kids really loved all their toys from everyone and they have continued to play with them all throughout the day.  I love when that happens!


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