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Birmingham Christmas January 2, 2010

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We headed to Birmingham Christmas day.  The kids loaded up their favorite toys from our house and jumped in the car so we could hurry to Birmingham.  My sweet grandaddy is in a nursing home doing some rehab for his foot, and he was unable to get out to have Christmas with the family.   So we took turns going down through out Christmas Eve and Christmas Day to see him.  We arrived around lunch time and were so happy that my grandmother pulled up into the parking lot just as we were unloading.

 Cord and my grandmother leading the way to see Popo.

We had a wonderful visit- Popo looked good and “little elves” had decorated his room and made it look so much happier!  We would have loved to stay longer, but the babies were giving us fits.  At one point, my grandmother asked where Lucy was and no one knew.  She had walked right out of Popo’s room and was heading to visit some of the people in the hallway!

Next we went to see my mom and my sister’s family.  What a great time! I love getting to see my kids with her family.  They LOVE her children.  My sister is extremely generous and this year was no exception.  My mom and sister gave the girls JUST LIKE ME dolls!

 Now if Olivia and Emma are just like my sister and me, Olivia’s doll will be perfectly kept with smooth hair and clean clothes and Emma’s doll will end up with an arm missing and her hair cut! I’ll let you guess whether it was me or my sister whose doll was a wreck (or well loved).  My mom gave Cord an awesome four wheeler.  He rode it all day.  My sweet husband had to stay outside in the freezing cold so that Cord could keep riding.

Little Lucy got her own chair.  Mom has given each child one and Cord and Lucy had started to fight over his the past couple of months.  She was really proud of her new chair!

We also got to visit with my aunts, uncles, and cousins.  I love that we get to see them Christmas night.  This year, we had more visits because there has been lots of good news in the family.  Carlin and Josh recently got married in MEXICO! We went out to eat with all 10 cousins to celebrate their marriage and Josh’s birthday. (He has a Dec 26th birthday- no fun!)

 Their wedding pictures are fabulous! And it helped so much to see them so that we feel like we got to be there (sort of!)  I got to visit their precious house the next day too.

At Carlin and Josh’s party, we took our yearly cousins’ photo:

  We have been taking this photo for years! We sit in the same order- Hilariously, the middle row used to be babies and would sit on my sister’s and my lap. Now, they are three impressive ladies who have or who are about to graduate from college!

They asked if they would make the blog- OF COURSE!


Caitlin and Heather                                         Brian and Meredith                                                     Brent and Holley


Eric, Adam, and Charlotte                                                         Matt

LOVE THEM ALL!  The next night we celebrated with Brian and his precious bride-to-be Brooke.  They are getting married in the Summer and we were able to meet her family at a party at my aunt’s house.  This just means that we get MORE time to be with our whole family over the next year.  YEA!!


2 Responses to “Birmingham Christmas”

  1. Cynthia Says:

    So glad Lucy got her own chair! The last time I spent with them, there was a disagreement over WHO would sit in Cord’s chair.

  2. Heather Says:

    love the picture of Cord and Babe. so sweet and I know babe loved it!

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