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Air Mattress January 14, 2010

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Eric and I have decided we need two twin air mattresses.  We have borrowed from a sweet family in the church too many times.  Our own children have taken over the guest room and we need some options!

I am nervous about buying one because I always think it will just pop or not last long and they are expensive.   Any suggestions out there? Do you have one that you like and it has lasted AND it has a great air pump?


6 Responses to “Air Mattress”

  1. Stephanie Hickman Says:

    We have the Aerobed brand and have had a good experience. They are pricey, but I think worth it. We had one in St. Louis and had a little trouble with it, but the company replaced it without any problems. We got a new one at some point recently, maybe Oct 08, so I’m guessing the first one lasted about 5 years. Why have they taken over the guest room???

    Are you going to GA this summer?

  2. Becky Says:

    Don’t know how much storage you have but a fold away is an idea we looked into. Our air mattress popped after the second use. 😦

  3. zellner Says:

    Stephanie- the guest bedroom is really Lucy’s room and she is old enough now to be a terrible sleeper in the pack n play. Cord is getting big enough to be able to sleep on the air mattress and have a guest use his room. We are trying to figure out how to have adults in our home!
    We are going to GA! are you?! I think this one will be so fun!

    Becky- that is what I was worried would happen!

  4. Sallye Says:

    Have you thought about bunking 2 of the children. You could easily bunk Olivia and Emma and add Lucy to the room. Then you have a guest room. Or you could bunk Lucy and Cord.

    Love ya,

  5. zellner Says:

    Sallye- Eventually that is what I would love to do. I hope to have bunkbeds in Cord’s room and when people come they can have Lucy’s room. I think the babies could be good together in the same room for a little while once they are out of cribs. But I am hoping to make due until then with air mattresses for the kids to use when we have visitors. I am thankful for Lucy, but this would be REALLY easy if the bottom two were boys 🙂

  6. Dad Says:

    We have two tri-fold foam mattress. Olivia or Emma has slept on them at our house. They are not air mattress. They are about $100 each and quite comfortable. They are 30 inches wide were as a twin bed is 39 inches. Lenth is same as a twin bed. Folds nicely to store in the attic.

    Over thanksgiving Connor (age 10) slept on one and was comfortable. He chose this option vs a bed.

    This would be a temp/short term sleep solution.


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