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The green burb update January 29, 2010

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Last week, a good friend Erle came to visit while he was in Huntsville.  He worked with us at the JH Ranch for many years.  He was in town for business and called to see if he could come by.  He told Eric that he was coming to see (in this order) 1) me 2) our kids 3) the green suburban and then 4) eric.  But I know better :).  Everyone wants to check out how the old suburban is doing.  It was the vehicle that carried Erle, Eric and the other river guides to the river.  They slept in the back and hauled all the gear in it.  I am sure there were many good stories told in that car.  After a great visit with Erle, the guys headed out to check out the car.  I had to take pictures 🙂

Erle noticed the new seat covers and some other “improvements” that Eric had made.  Erle may be the only one who knows that the suburban has gotten better since we owned it, rather than worse!

I wish I had a picture from the Ranch with the two of these guys.  How handsome they looked this time in their suits- like adults! 🙂

**Notice that Eric has grown a beard this January.  He hasn’t done that since seminary. I am sure that he will shave it soon.  That will be another round of pictures.  He likes to shave it in stages and see all the ways he can make it look.  His biggest critics have been the Crown Club, his Friday biblestudy of older friends at our church 🙂


2 Responses to “The green burb update”

  1. Jennifer Says:

    we love his beard shaving progression, so please be sure to post pics! 🙂

  2. What a thrill to see the grand kids, Eric’s beard and stages of removal (he looks like Matt W. his childhood neighbor)and Earl from the ranch. Thanks!

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