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Emma is 6 February 25, 2010

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Friday is Emma’s birthday and we are so excited about celebrating with family.  Emma has picked everything this year.  I really wanted to say “yes” to her thoughts and not edit them to make them look like what I would want for her party.  She picked the plates, napkins, cake, and goodies to hand out.  Turns out she was really good at it.  She picked bright red plates and napkins with cupcakes on them.  She wanted an ice cream cake with white icing and red, pink and yellow polka dots.  After a schedule change, we are now eating at a Mexican restaurant with my parents, my grandmother,  my sister, and her girls.  How perfect for all the things that she picked out.

She is growing in so many ways.  I am so thankful for her tenderness of heart.  She tears up over such sweet things- when she reads a Bible story that includes pain or sadness, when someone does something sweet for her, when she sees someone else suffer.  She really feels for people and expresses it.  She has passion, joy, and curiosity.  I often find myself saying,”That girl!”  and most the time I mean that in the most amazing, awe-filled way.  Happy Birthday little one!


future olympians February 23, 2010

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My kids were crazy tonight.  They were playing with Cord’s tool goggles, winter hats, and sticks and were pretending to be gold medalist in the olympics.  I was trying not to laugh too hard, so I could get my camera and catch the fun.

Emma took gold in the downhill.  The hairbrush is the gold medal 🙂

They both won gold that time!  Olivia is wearing her gold medal around her neck.

Cord is in the middle of his skiing.  I think he medaled too 🙂


Valentine’s dinner February 14, 2010

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This year, like every other, we had our family Valentine’s dinner on Saturday night.  We usually do red, pink and white foods, but this year we had breakfast for dinner.  We made homemade waffles, scrambled eggs, bacon, berries, and cinnamon rolls.  Not too diet friendly, but sooo good.  The kids help me set the table and they got to use real plates 🙂 (We have a drawer full of plastic plates for all our meals for the kids)


The kids were giving you their best Vanna White.  

The other tradition that we have is to write out what we love about each person and read them out loud at dinner.  I write for all the kids and Eric does his plus all the kids’ notes for me.  It never fails; I can hardly make it through without crying.

Some of my favorites are from Olivia to Cord,”You are getting better at potty training.  You always have a smile on your face every day.  I love how you care for people.”   From Cord to Lucy,”I love her.  She screams.  She plays.”  Emma to Dad,”I love you because you let me pour my own drink.  I love your strength and how on a cold night you snuggle with me.”  And finally Cord to Daddy,”Daddy plays with me.  We play and no one else.  I like to ride in the burban in my seat.”

I think it is so important for our children to hear us say what we love about them and what we appreciate about them.  They, in turn, also get to verbalize what they appreciate about each other.  They seem a little shy at first when they are saying something nice to one another, and the person’s smile who is being honored just grows and grows as we go around the table.

The second thing I think that is so important is that they hear how much I love Eric and what I appreciate about him specifically.  I want them to remember that mommy loves daddy very much and that she is thankful God had blessed her with this husband.

We ended our fun with the Olympics! The girls are huge fans.  We snuggled under a blanket and watched women’s free style moguls 🙂



Pajamas to school February 13, 2010

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I love pajama day at school.  The kids wore their newest pj’s, slippers, and robes to their class.  Their teachers were celebrating reading.  How I wish I could have a day that I was encouraged to stay in my pajamas and read.  So much fun.  It was also the Valentine’s party for the kindergarten class.  I think Emma thought this was the best day ever.

  It was so cold.  But this has just become the spot to take our photos. 

The babies had Valentine parties at their school too.  Cord came home with a bag full.  He loved it- can’t you tell?  He laid them all out for me to see.  

Lately those two have looked so messy.  This is that season of messy faces, messy noses, and messy hair.  I so didn’t want to be the mom who has messy faced kids- oh well, this too will pass, right?


School Valentines February 12, 2010

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Two weeks ago, my dear friend Kathryn called me and asked me if I had made the girls’ Valentines for school yet.  I laughed- that is so my friend.  She is extremely talented and organized.  Her cakes are delicious, her presents are perfect, and her generosity is well known!  And No I had not made them yet- I hadn’t even thought about making any.  I always save good ideas and hope to do them, but I never get them done and they never turn out as I hope they will.   Along came Kathryn to the rescue.

She has a Cricut.  This amazing machine cuts out all kinds of shapes and can make any shape that you have into a gift tag by adding a circle at the top.  So fun.  Kathryn spent her entire Thursday morning with me and helped me create flowers for the children’s valentines.  The petals are hearts (two sizes- smaller for the inside and bigger for the outside).  The tag is a leaf shape and the girls wrote,”Our friendship is BLOOMING!”  The kids were able to assemble them all by themselves! I would never have done these without Kathryn.  I think we made more than 65 of them.


Thank you Kathryn for caring about my kids’ valentines and for teaching me so much!


scenes from the retreat February 8, 2010

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What a blessing the weekend turned out to be.  The retreat came together and Mary Beth gave us much to think about and to encourage us.  Our cabins at Doublehead Resort were so nice.  And their staff was professional and kind!

This place is beautiful- and we were there in misty cold weather!

We celebrated a friend’s birthday while we were there.  Jennifer is a blessing to our church and her family serves us all in so many ways.  I am so thankful for her! In honor of her birthday, Renee made mini cupcakes from the January Southern Living.  I was thinking we would have about 5 dozen and all of us would get one-I should have known that Renee would do more than I could expect! She delivered 15 dozen treats and here is what they looked like:


Aren’t  they amazing?!  They were as delicious as they were beautiful.  You may wonder who took all these fabulous photos? Not me.  A talented photographer in our church, Tracy, took these and had them on her facebook page.  Her eye for capturing beauty amazes me.  The ladies that I mentioned are vital parts of our church and good friends to me personally.  How thankful I am for their gifts!  I think from this post you get a glimpse into the variety, talent, and beauty that makes up a church- Some speak, some organize, some cook, some create, some serve, some support.  And the result always brings glory to the God who made us.


Women’s RETREAT! February 4, 2010

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I have been planning a Women’s Retreat for our church for a couple of months, and it is finally here! It is going to be so much fun.  My amazing mother is coming to babysit for the night for all four children! And it is her birthday.  I have a surprise planned for her.  We are going to celebrate with her when I get home with Gigi’s cupcakes.  YUM!

I am looking forward to an overnight with some amazing ladies, teaching from a gifted speaker, time to myself, and a chance to get to know my friends even better.  I love the topic we are studying- Love So Amazing: Sanctification by Grace.  I have had so many conversations over the past year about how our faith impacts how we live.  Since we don’t earn heaven by our works, why do we seek to live holy lives?  What should our life look like? How do we make progress in our faith? Is there progress when I see so much failure throughout the day? What motivates us to live a life of obedience?  So many conversations about these very things.  I am so excited to hear Mary Beth McGreevy speak to this and encourage us that it is the radical love of our Savior that motivates us AND equips us “to walk in a manner worthy of the Lord, fully pleasing to Him, bearing fruit in every good work  and increasing in the knowledge of God.” (Colossians 1:10)