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shaving the beard February 2, 2010

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Tonight was the night! Eric said he would keep the beard through January, so February is here and the beard is gone.

The kids all had requests for Eric.  This was the beginning with the full beard:

The next step was to take off the bottom part of the beard:


Next the chin was shaved:

Then the sides came off:

Emma loved the mustache and soul patch look.  Olivia wanted her daddy to have just a mustache.  Emma was sad the soul patch was coming off and Olivia was ready for her turn!

See how happy it made our second grader- she loved it! And in true 2nd grade style, she has bunny ears behind her daddy’s head.  The last step was to shave off the mustache.  Somehow I forgot to take that picture! But we all know what he looks like normally, and that is how he looks now 🙂


3 Responses to “shaving the beard”

  1. Megan Says:

    With just the mustache, all he needs is a red and white striped jacket and a white hat. 🙂

  2. Heather Says:

    The Crowhurst would like to see Pastor Eric grow mutton chops….Blessings,hc

  3. Kurt Says:


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