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School Valentines February 12, 2010

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Two weeks ago, my dear friend Kathryn called me and asked me if I had made the girls’ Valentines for school yet.  I laughed- that is so my friend.  She is extremely talented and organized.  Her cakes are delicious, her presents are perfect, and her generosity is well known!  And No I had not made them yet- I hadn’t even thought about making any.  I always save good ideas and hope to do them, but I never get them done and they never turn out as I hope they will.   Along came Kathryn to the rescue.

She has a Cricut.  This amazing machine cuts out all kinds of shapes and can make any shape that you have into a gift tag by adding a circle at the top.  So fun.  Kathryn spent her entire Thursday morning with me and helped me create flowers for the children’s valentines.  The petals are hearts (two sizes- smaller for the inside and bigger for the outside).  The tag is a leaf shape and the girls wrote,”Our friendship is BLOOMING!”  The kids were able to assemble them all by themselves! I would never have done these without Kathryn.  I think we made more than 65 of them.


Thank you Kathryn for caring about my kids’ valentines and for teaching me so much!


2 Responses to “School Valentines”

  1. Becky Says:

    Those are precious – an idea for MY box!!

  2. Mary Says:

    So very cute. I that is the machine Meredith told me wanted a long time ago.

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