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Pajamas to school February 13, 2010

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I love pajama day at school.  The kids wore their newest pj’s, slippers, and robes to their class.  Their teachers were celebrating reading.  How I wish I could have a day that I was encouraged to stay in my pajamas and read.  So much fun.  It was also the Valentine’s party for the kindergarten class.  I think Emma thought this was the best day ever.

  It was so cold.  But this has just become the spot to take our photos. 

The babies had Valentine parties at their school too.  Cord came home with a bag full.  He loved it- can’t you tell?  He laid them all out for me to see.  

Lately those two have looked so messy.  This is that season of messy faces, messy noses, and messy hair.  I so didn’t want to be the mom who has messy faced kids- oh well, this too will pass, right?


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