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Emma is 6 February 25, 2010

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Friday is Emma’s birthday and we are so excited about celebrating with family.  Emma has picked everything this year.  I really wanted to say “yes” to her thoughts and not edit them to make them look like what I would want for her party.  She picked the plates, napkins, cake, and goodies to hand out.  Turns out she was really good at it.  She picked bright red plates and napkins with cupcakes on them.  She wanted an ice cream cake with white icing and red, pink and yellow polka dots.  After a schedule change, we are now eating at a Mexican restaurant with my parents, my grandmother,  my sister, and her girls.  How perfect for all the things that she picked out.

She is growing in so many ways.  I am so thankful for her tenderness of heart.  She tears up over such sweet things- when she reads a Bible story that includes pain or sadness, when someone does something sweet for her, when she sees someone else suffer.  She really feels for people and expresses it.  She has passion, joy, and curiosity.  I often find myself saying,”That girl!”  and most the time I mean that in the most amazing, awe-filled way.  Happy Birthday little one!


4 Responses to “Emma is 6”

  1. Mary Says:

    Good Morning Susan, Happy Birthday to Emma. What a fun day for her. Tell her that Nan-Nan needs help with her IPOD so she can teach me how to use mine the next time I see her. As I have said before, “that girl” is you made over and I mean that in so many ways.

    Love you and Happy Friday.


  2. zellner Says:

    Mary! I miss you!! This has just been too long! I will tell Emma Nan Nan said hi and Happy Birthday. And we need to see you soon 🙂 Have a great Friday!

  3. Sallye Grainger Says:

    Give Emma a great big Happy Birthday hug from Tom and I.
    We love you all bunches!!

  4. Becky Says:

    Cannot believe our little ones are six. Emma is beautiful and it sounds like her heart is too!

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