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Eating out March 1, 2010

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Friday night we all headed to Casa Blanca to celebrate Emma’s birthday.  We had 12 people- so we ended up at two tables.  Olivia wanted to sit by Aunt Bethie, so my sister ended up at the kids’ table.  Thank goodness she sat with them- She cut everyone’s food, saved numerous drinks from being spilled, and made sure lots of children didn’t get hurt by standing up in the booth 🙂

The waiters brought out a huge hat for Emma to wear and they sang “Happy Birthday” in Spanish.  They brought out a cinnamon tortilla dessert that had whip cream on it.  When they put it in front of her, the waiter wiped whip cream on her face so that it looked like a beard.  She laughed ( I was so thankful it didn’t embarass her- I think she is growing up!)

  Emma got to wear the outfit that dot dot and cdub sent in the mail!  It was perfect.

We all took turns with the big hat: Olivia and Anna, my niece, and Beth, my sister.  


And we ate ice cream cake from Baskin Robbins- YUM!

We played at our house after dinner.  My sweet grandmother was able to come- I am so thankful that she was here!  I worried that it would be a late night for her, then she reminded me that she stays up late! It is seriously in my genes to stay up late and hang out 🙂

And my Dad and Marian were able to come too- After a long day, they made the trip up and the kids were so happy to see them.


My grandmother was in absolute awe of all that Lucy ate.  Lucy had her own bowl of chips at the restaurant and ate Emma’s enchilada when Emma thought that it was too spicy.  Lucy ended her feast with cake!

  Lucy and her bowl of chips

We ended the night back at our house and danced in our den with my sister and my niece.  We had so much fun!  We laughed and wore ourselves out- MC Hammer and Vanilla Ice even made appearances at the dance party 🙂 We didn’t go to bed until 11:30- It was like Christmas in our family.  I think my gramdmother would have participated too if she hadn’t already had to head back to Birmingham 🙂  Celebrations are just a reminder that we are so blessed to have family and friends- that relationships are what matter in this world- that people make our lives interesting and full of laughter- that the most fun is hanging out being ourselves with each other.


2 Responses to “Eating out”

  1. Mary Says:

    Ok….tears are running down my cheeks right now! Babe had a great time and I notice she has on Mardi Gras beads along with the other girls! That Babe! I appreciate your Dad and Marian taking her on a road trip. Looks like a great celebration. Have a happy Monday.

  2. zellner Says:

    Mary- you should have been here for the dance party. Your family would have been hanging with us until the end too!

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