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two more books March 11, 2010

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Anne of Green Gables has grabbed me- so I haven’t gotten very far on my original list of books for the year!  I finished Anne of Avonlea last week and am now on Anne of the Island.  I am liking book 3 better than book 2 so far.  In book 2, she is the teacher in Avonlea.  She has put off college to help Marilla and is raising the twins that have come to live with them.  She tests her theory that love wins children’s hearts over rather than strict disciplinarians.  In an environment of excitement about learning, her students thrive.  We continue to see a maturing Anne- she still loves fantasy and her imagination is still rich, and those traits are the very things that win her to some of her students and “kindred spirits” in the community.  She draws the lonely, unusual, and fringe of the community.  Many times, we see that people are interesting, tender and valuable while having a hard outer shell.

Book 3 finds her finally going off to college.  She still seems eager to succeed and compete at school, but realizes the impact of saying goodbye to the island (Prince Edward Island).  The pace already seems faster in the book and I am looking forward to finishing it over Spring Break.  Once this series is over, I am heading back to my book list! Huntsville friends, if you want to read with me- I’ll let you know the next one I am doing and we can meet for coffee 🙂  My last coffee with my friend Cynthia was so fun- full of converstaion about the book, but also a treasured time to get to know one another better!  Happy Reading!


2 Responses to “two more books”

  1. Mary Says:

    I too read the Anne of Green Gable series many years ago. When the girls were younger, we loved to watch the movies. I have them on VCR if you want to borrow them (and have something to play them on). I have often said that Meredith is my “kindred spirit”. Enjoy your trip.

  2. Susan, I read all of the 5 Anne of Green Gables books and loved them. Thanks for the encouragement to do it. The next book I read was Sarah’s Keys about the French involvement in the 1942 War. A horror to know about but Good Historical Fiction.

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