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St Louis March 16, 2010

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We are on Spring Break right now and are having such a wonderful trip.  We have celebrated with a sweet couple from our church as they got married last weekend.  Their reception was so fun.  They met swing dancing, so the party was full of friends who can dance.  We loved it.  Our kids danced for hours.

We had a wonderful Sunday worshipping with our friends at the Kirk of the Hills.  It was my first visit to the church since we graduated 3.5 years ago.  What fun it was to see precious friends~ it really felt as if no time had passed in some ways.  The girls couldn’t remember anything from the days that we lived here. So sad.  But it has brought back memory after memory for me.

We have gone to the zoo twice already.  I can’t wait to write more about that.  Lucy loved every single animal.

I had the privilege of having coffee with my dear friend Becky on Monday night.  And in true Susan style, I stayed up until 1:30 at her house and was in bed by 2:30 am.  I felt worse for her- Her kids are on Spring Break and her husband is at work all day.  I can’t tell you how much I wish we were nearer to each other.  We read each other’s blogs all the time and know so many funny things about each other~ but the precious time is getting to share with each other our hearts and those sweet, hard, or refining moments that you just don’t blog about it 🙂

Today we had so much fun going to the Magic House.  I lOVE that place.  I would go every day if I still lived here.  We are going for an hour tomorrow and an hour the next day before we drive home.  It has doubled or tripled in size since we left. I can’t wait to post pictures about our visit there too.

Tonight we get to eat at McGurk’s~ a great Irish pub that has been one of our favorites.  We HAVE to go tonight because tomorrow we won’t be able to get near the place. (St Patty’s Day you know 🙂 )

While we have been here, Cord has been sick.  I hate that for him and he is just today bouncing back from it.  Lucy spilled diet coke all over my phone and it died!  Eric bought me a new one today.  It’s really just the same phone and was only $10.  But I love it.  I am sad we are leaving on Thursday and wish we had more beautiful spring days to play in Forest Park.


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  1. Megan Says:

    I’m sure you are super busy, but I’d totally love to see you if you have some time!

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