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Scenes from St Louis March 25, 2010

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We had a great time on our Spring Break.  St Louis was our home for 3.5 years and this trip brought back so many wonderful memories.  Cord was sick for most of the trip.  He would get sick and then be ok for two days and then get sick again.  So frustrating.  One of our favorite spots was the zoo.  Free, outdoors, and good for tiring out the whole crew.  It was a little cold on the first day we went there, but the weather did make for good animal sighting.


Every time Lucy saw an animal she would be surprised, wave, and say “hi doggy”.  She is waving to the penguins right now.

 We enjoyed the reptile house a lot- warm and dry!

  One attempt at a family photo.  They are freezing!

  I am so thankful for big sisters who encourage the little ones and help them when they are tired.


One Response to “Scenes from St Louis”

  1. Renee Says:

    Wait a minute…did you say FREE?!?! Meaning the ZOO is FREE?!?

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