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Scenes from the Magic House March 26, 2010

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Not only was the zoo free- our mulitple trips to the Magic House were free too! We are members of the Early Works Children Museum here in Huntsville and there is a reciprocal entry to other museums around the country.  The Magic House is one of those- YEA! It has doubled in size since we were there.  I was so thankful to be able to go for a few hours at a time and not feel like I was wasting money if we left because of sad or tired children.


There is a children’s village where the kids can go fishing, work on cars, buy groceries, mail letters, go to the bank, work in a pizza parlor…so many things to pretend.  This was their favorite area to play.

 You can serve ice cream.

One of my favorite new areas is the poetry tree.  They have prompts that help the children compose the poetry, as well as examples that teach them structure.  After you create your own and write it on a leaf, you hang it on the tree.  It was full of children’s poetry! Love it.

There is also a new construction sight. Cord, Olivia and Emma were very busy shoveling rocks, using a loader, laying tiles and constructing a house.


There is a four story bean stalk that the children could climb.

They have added an area where children learn about our government- Olivia loved being a judge and all of them had a turn behind the President’s desk in the Oval Office.


And the final day (we went three different days while we were there), we played in the art studio.  We painted pictures, played with play dough and made fairy wands.


It really is an amazing place.  So many creative things to do- How do they think of them all? The ability to combine learning with such a high interest level is encouraging and makes me want to try harder in our own home to take advantage of these years that they love to learn and love to pretend.  As a mom I need that kind of encouragement- that place that opens up new ideas and awakens that teacher that used to live in me 🙂  I hope you get a chance to go there.


3 Responses to “Scenes from the Magic House”

  1. Thank you for the blessing of feeling like we were there with you all. What an incredible thrill it is to see you all.

  2. zellner Says:

    I wish you had been dot dot. We could have used a couple of more hands to chase them around that place 🙂

  3. PlayStLouis Says:

    Hi! I used one of your photos on my blog about the magic house, I hope it is ok with you! Check it out here:

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