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American Girl Fashion Show March 30, 2010

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     Grammy gave Emma tickets to the American Girl Fashion Show for her birthday.  We have been excited all month about getting to have a girls’ afternoon and celebrate our love for reading!  Emma and Olivia packed up their “Just Like Me” dolls and we headed to Decatur for the show.

  My sister gave Emma a matching set of outfits for her and her doll.  Emma didn’t know how great that was until the day of the fashion show.  She LOVED being dressed like her doll.  Inside the girls spent birthday money to get their nails done at the nail salon. 🙂


The tickets came with lunch in the cutest boxes!  The show began with children dressed as the American girl doll that was being described.  It was so fun for the girls to see the characters come to life and be on stage in their costumes.  The commentators told the history that was associated with each girl and how her clothes reflected that history.  After a short break, the show returned and included lots of the outfits that you can buy for your “Just Like Me” doll- pajamas, dressy outfits, summer clothes.  My girls really enjoyed the show, especially running into some of their friends from school!

We all went home with goody bags and treats.  And we got their picture made with Molly, their favorite! 

It made me so excited about all the future things I will get to do with my girls 🙂 Thanks Mom for the tickets!


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