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this week April 10, 2010

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You can tell it has been beautiful weather here- the posts are few! We have been outside playing.  Cord is becoming a very good little driver of a certain Barbie jeep 🙂 The girls have been scootering all over and Lucy loves to stand on the pogo stick with my help.  They all love to dig and we have had PLENTY of red clay all over us.  I think Cord needs a sand box for his birthday so we don’t lose our yard.  Trees are beginning to bloom and the kids have loved seeing them grow some every day. 

We have met new neighbors.  One has a little girl who is 7 days younger than Lucy.  She is new to the United States and is working on her English.  We will surely be playing together this summer.  Another neighbor had their first baby and she is precious.  Our children have loved seeing her and every day they ask about baby Olive.  Two other neighbors have been walking their dogs and always let our children pet them.  The babies call out, “Hi dog!” and the top three have sworn they are getting dogs when they live on their own! 

We also went to the Botanical Gardens Monday. They have an awesome Treehouse Exhibit.  The kids, who were all out of school, climbed all over in a flower pot treehouse, a pirate treehouse, a wizard of oz treehouse, and several more traditional ones. 


 It was a blast! Other than all of us sneezing like crazy and practically drinking Zyrtec, we love this weather!



3 Responses to “this week”

  1. Mary Says:

    What a fun place. I love all the treehouses. Tell Eric to build one of those in the backyard. And did you know you can buy paint to paint the Barbie jeep. It adheres to plastic. Have a fun weekend.

  2. Dad Says:

    Susan, sounds a lot like the play yards in St L. I know the children had a ball. Yesterday coming home I saw a jeep with a couple of young people in it. The jeep had a JH Ranch sticker on the back. It looked like a fun place.


  3. zellner Says:

    mary- I am going to have to look into that paint! He definitely needs a new color 🙂
    Dad- How fun would it be to see the kids playing in Northern CA? 🙂 We can’t wait to see you next weekend. My phone is working, so I will call you tomorrow 🙂

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