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timing April 11, 2010

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We had planned to host the youth fellowship at our house tonight- the groceries were bought, the house has been cleaned and the desserts have been made.  I love having the youth and their families over.  It is so fun to see them hang out and I love getting  a chance to be with the moms and dads too.  Cord had big plans to have some of them help him build a train track in his room.  Last night, Emma woke up in the middle of the night and got sick 😦  Olivia got sick this morning.  How does that happen? We are home this morning hoping it is short lived and the fellowship has moved to the church tonight.  I know it will work out fine, but I wish things were different today.  I am trying to learn to welcome interruptions to my plans and remember that my plans are always just that- MY plans.  HIS plans are always better and there is something to learn and look forward to even in this.  Today I was reminded through this timing that my first job is at home: Wife and Mom.


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