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Grandparents’ Day April 18, 2010

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Friday was Grandparents’ Day at our school.  This year we were so happy to have ALL our grandparents there.  The kids had a small program first and then the grandparents went to the children’s rooms and saw what they have been working on.  Pictures were colored, work was shown, butterflies were looked at, and teachers were met.  It truly is overwhelming to me that my parents and Eric’s are so invested in our family.  The kids adore them and we are cared for in so many ways.  It is a true joy for me to have them with us.

We ate lunch at our house afterward.  Another benefit of them all being here- enough attention for all the little ones to spread around! Dot dot and C dub took Lucy home and have spent days with her now.  My mom kept Cord so we could go to Auburn yesterday.  Dad and Marian came early so they would be here all day for grandparents’ day.  Those kinds of gifts- of time, of care, of coming along side of us- are too precious for words.  It really was a Happy Grandparents’ Day!


One Response to “Grandparents’ Day”

  1. Cynthia Says:

    What a special blessing to have involved grandparents for your children. That is what I had growing up and those godly men and women had such an impact on my life. With your kids, what’s not to love?

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