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bad weather means an end to fun April 27, 2010

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I have been waiting for the Panoply Arts Festival all year- I missed it last year and hated that.  It is a great event that is held in downtown Huntsville at Big Spring Park.  It celebrates culture, music, and art. In the area dedicated to learning about different cultures, there are tents set up and each one celebrates a country.  The children have an opportunity to make a craft and see instruments, clothes, and pictures from the country.  This past Friday we headed to the festival and tried to get in as much as we could.

  Olivia was asked if she wanted to try on an outfit in the South Korean tent.  It was just beautiful!

  Cord made a hat and has his name written in Korean.


The rest of the night we made masks, painted tiles, made paper flowers, painted faces, and danced.  We were heading to more fun when the thunder started 😦

After a haul up a huge hill (in which Eric physically picked up the entire wagon and climbed up), we ran to our car and saw the fireworks going off.  Soooo sad.  They cancelled the festival for Saturday because of the weather.  Now I am waiting until next year….


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