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the end makes it busy! April 29, 2010

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May is like December- busy! The end of the school year is upon us and everything is wrapping up all at once.  This weekend we are hosting our last Women’s Event of the school year.  Our ladies are hosting a shower to help Choose Life Ministries.  We will bring baby items and collect donations to help ladies who are pregnant and need help.  That same day, my friends and I are freezer cooking.  Our freezer is almost empty and I need to get ready for a busy couple of months 🙂

Cord’s birthday is Monday and the school is having Teacher Appreciation Week.  Both events have snuck up on me.  I love our children’s teachers and really need to think how to honor them and thank them for their investment.  We have visitor week at dance this week so we get to see what the girls have been learning.

The rest of May includes: A mother’s day tea (I am sooo looking forward to!), a Dance recital, Kindergarten graduation for Emma, and end of year parties for the kids.  It almost feels like each day has some huge event to look forward to.  We finish the month with one of our favorite activities- GOING TO THE BEACH.  I absolutely cannot wait to get there and enjoy the sand and sun.  Until then, I need to buckle down and push through.


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