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ready for the beach… May 28, 2010

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This girl is obviously ready to enjoy the summer~

And so are the rest of us.  SCHOOL is OUT!


graduation May 25, 2010

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Emma had a wonderful day today.  She had her last day of kindergarten and had her graduation ceremony.  We celebrated by having a dinner party.  Emma had a blast picking out all her table decorations. And I thought she did a great job!


We ate Chinese food and yummy petit fours.  Then we got ready~ Emma put on her precious cap and gown and we headed to school.


The two kindergarten classes marched in and they sang for us. They recited Psalm 23, Psalm 150, Psalm 100 and Romans 15:5-6  .  The children then sat down and went up one by one for his or her diploma. 


They did a great job and it was such a sweet reminder of how valuable the year has been for Emma.  She has been hiding God’s word in her heart and we are so thankful for the maturing that we are seeing in her life. 

  The reception that followed included two amazing cakes made by Renee.  Amazing! I must tell you that I watched Lucy a lot to make sure she didn’t mess up the reception.  I was standing with her in front of this cake.  Somehow, that child grabbed that cute black polka dot right in the middle  (that has the red dot right next to it).  Before they even served it!! Renee was very gracious to us! During the ceremony, my friend sweet Miss Katie (Emma and Olivia’s former Pre K teacher) kept Lucy busy and we were all able to see Emma graduate! Many, many thanks!



Scenes from the show

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We had a wonderful weekend~ the girls did a great job in their dance recital, and most importantly, really enjoyed it! They are on cloud 9 after dancing.  We took fun backstage pictures with friends:


And we had the BEST cheering section!


Grandparents and cousins and aunts and friends came from far away to cheer them on and it meant the world to them! Heather, my cousin, came and gave each girl a gift box with lotion and a beautiful look at the word GUIDANCE~ How dance is like our relationship with God.  He leads and we follow;  he directs and we move.  Olivia read it out loud on the car ride home and was so impressed by the words.  My awesome sister, somehow, magically had gift bags for the girls with Zhu Zhu pets in them!!  They LOVE them! I wish I had a video of the morning after the recital.  Olivia and Emma  are getting ready for church, playing with the Zhu Zhu pets and the babies are squealing with delight! So fun.

Dot an Cdub drove to Huntsville and back to Nashville for one evening of watching the girls.  We were so very thankful! It was their first time to get to see them, and it was so wonderful to have them there.  Olivia cried when they left that night.  The kids just love getting to spend time with them and we are blessed to live where we do.

There were so many talented dancers that night and it was such an encouragement to see all the girls have learned this year.  My favorite aspect of the girls’ dance company is that it is run by an amazing lady! She is a believer in Jesus and it is evident in all she does and how she leads.  A pastor prayed for the students before the rehearsal and there are always incredible performances to songs that include our great God! Many thanks for a wonderful place to dance!


Dance recital preview May 22, 2010

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What we’ve been doing this weekend…


Backstage at rehearsal:

This year I am the stage mom who takes them behind the curtain and makes sure they are in order and ready to go.  Pressure! My sister and her daughter are coming, as well as my cousin Heather and Eric’s parents.  My mom is babysitting for us so the bottom 2 don’t have to go 🙂 There have been so many wonderful things in May that we have had the privilege of having family attend.  If you see the kiddos at church tomorrow with lingering dark eyes from the make up, give a little grace.  It isn’t a new fad.  It is a momma who can’t get it all off 🙂


My pace May 20, 2010

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Today I figured out how fast I run- as fast as a Barbie Jeep in high gear 🙂  I took a walk with the bottom 2 today.  Cord was driving the Barbie Jeep and Lucy was riding in the double stroller.  Cord put that Jeep in high gear and took off down the sidewalk.  At first I thought we would walk behind him and make sure he was safe.  Then the space between us became larger and larger, so I decided to take a run with the bottom 2 🙂

Turns out, the pace was just about right.  We must have been a sight~ at one point, Lucy wanted to ride with Cord in the Jeep, so I am running behind them pushing an EMPTY double stroller! How silly.


Being little May 17, 2010

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Our 3 year old and almost 2 year old can have some really hard days. They can get frustrated about their toys- not wanting to share them, wanting to throw them, or wanting to use them in a way that the toy just can’t work.  The two of them can get frustrated when they are asked to do something, such as,”Lucy, it is time to change your diaper.  Come over here so I can change you.”  Or for example,”Cord put on your shoes before we leave.” These kind of difficult requests can make the two of them melt in to all kinds of whines, fits, and groans.  At times like this, when the two of them are flailing on the floor, Eric will slightly sarcastically say to them,”It’s hard being little!” 

Cord has started saying this phrase all the time- genuinely saying,”Dad, it is hard being little!”  It cracks me up to hear him.  I mean on his schedule today is snack, nap, play outside, dinner that someone made him, and a long bath before bed.  I think I could handle being little again 🙂


End of Year party May 15, 2010

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Olivia’s class had a fantastic end of year party Friday at one of the children’s grandparents’ home.  It was a beautiful day, full of sunshine and fun. Her grade has lots of wonderful children.  It is such a blessing as a mom to be able to look at the possibility of all those sweet girls and see lots of friends that we are thankful to have.  This year, both second grade classes came together and had a swim party.  It was awesome!

  Olivia’s class

  They ate lots of pizza and had an incredible cookie cake for dessert.

And to top off all the fun, one of the moms jumped in at the end!