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Cord turns 3 May 3, 2010

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Today Cord is 3! We had two friends over and enjoyed a playdate at home.  I love when they are small and that is the kind of birthday party they like.  He picked a CARS theme, so we had cupcakes with CARS-themed rings in them and JUICE BOXES! Big Hit for a three year old.  I can’t believe how big he has gotten over the past year.  He plays so differently now~ he races around, jumps, swings, bikes and scooters 🙂 He has a great sense of humor and can make up songs with the best of them (sounds like another guy I know).  Right now, he likes to introduce himself as other names: today he is Bob (as in the Builder).  He still calls Olivia we-uh, Emma he calls em-pa  and he calls me mompa.  He loves his “Lucy Elizabeth” and is the only one to call her by both her names.   He cannot wait to go to the beach again- he has been dreaming of it since last fall!

He gives the best, tightest hugs.  He loves to sing “Amazing Grace”, “May the Mind of Christ My Savior” and”Lullaby” at bedtime.  He is aggressive, pouty, and a screamer.  He says he is sorry more quickly than before and sometimes will ask to pray about what he has done.  He comforts his sisters when they are sad and takes from them when they have what he wants.  I quit calling him “Booger” this year and started calling him “Little Man”.  I could ride his lip to Georgia when he pouts.  A look back at the year with my little man…

  July ’09

   First day of two year old Mother’s Morning Out.

  Fall break ’09 in Birmingham

  Seeing Santa in Dec’09 and telling him that he wants tools and a weedeater for Christmas.

  Enjoying his presents in Dec’09

 Pretending to ski during the Olympics’10

  St Louis petting zoo during Spring Break ’10

  Easter ’10 with his buddy David.

It has been a great year! Thanking God today for our gift!


3 Responses to “Cord turns 3”

  1. Mary Says:

    What a sweet little boy. He has grown so much this past year. I can’t wait to see himand the others.


  2. Dot Says:

    What a precious keep sake for him in future years. Your description of him is so on target. He has such a tender gentle heart when it happens to kick in. Have 20 bags of sand here from the flood for his sand box. That is 1000 lbs. Will need an 18 wheeeler to transport it to Huntsville.

  3. SteveM Says:

    Dear Cord,

    Keep it up. Don’t take any mess off of all those girls at your house.


    PS–please don’t tell your mom about what I just said.

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